Vampyr: Talisman of Invocation Wikia

Welcome to the Castle. All adventurers are welcomed.

The Castle is the town that you start outside of. It's one of the most important towns because it's where the King resides; he's the one who gives all the quests in the game. It consists mostly of guards but does contain a weapon and armor shop. The outer walls can be climbed to escape. There's a trainer on the top floor.

Weapon Shop

Located on the ground floor. Turn left at the main staircase.

Key Item Cost
A Dagger 10
B Staff 5
C Mace 24
D Morn. Star 44
E Axe 29
F Long Sword 53
G 2H Sword 73
H Long Bow 39
I Sling 24
J Club 19

Armor Shop

Located on the ground floor. Turn right at the main staircase.

Key Armor Cost
A Cloth 5
B Padded 15
C Leather 24
D Studded 39
E Ring Mail 58
F Scale M. 73
G Chain M. 97
H Splint M. 146
I Plate M. 194
J Full Plate 291


This trainer isn't very useful: