The Castle is the town that you start outside of. It's one of the most important towns because it's where the King resides; he's the one who gives all the quests in the game. It consists mostly of guards but does contain a weapon and armor shop. The outer walls can be climbed to escape. There's a trainer on the top floor.

Weapon Shop

Located on the ground floor. Turn left at the main staircase.

Key Item Cost
A Dagger 10
B Staff 5
C Mace 24
D Morn. Star 44
E Axe 29
F Long Sword 53
G 2H Sword 73
H Long Bow 39
I Sling 24
J Club 19

Armor Shop

Located on the ground floor. Turn right at the main staircase.

Key Armor Cost
A Cloth 5
B Padded 15
C Leather 24
D Studded 39
E Ring Mail 58
F Scale M. 73
G Chain M. 97
H Splint M. 146
I Plate M. 194
J Full Plate 291


This trainer isn't very useful:

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