Welcome to the Castle. All adventurers are welcomed.

The Castle is the town outside of which the player starts. It's where the King resides and who the player will be visiting to get mission rewards.

The outer walls can be climbed to escape.

It is split into 3 floors.

Ground Floor[edit | edit source]

Ground floor

Weapon Shop[edit | edit source]

Turn left at the main staircase.

For costs, see Weapons

Key Item
A Dagger
B Staff
C Mace
D Morn. Star
E Axe
F Long Sword
G 2H Sword
H Long Bow
I Sling
J Club

Armor Shop[edit | edit source]

Turn right at the main staircase.

For costs, see Armor

Key Armor
A Cloth
B Padded
C Leather
D Studded
E Ring Mail
F Scale M.
G Chain M.
H Splint M.
I Plate M.
J Full Plate

First Floor[edit | edit source]

First floor

Behind the main staircase is a room in which the King sits.

Second Floor[edit | edit source]

Second floor

Trainer[edit | edit source]

This trainer, found in the middle-ish area, isn't terribly useful:

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