Vampyr: Talisman of Invocation Wikia

It seems that you were blown away...

But wait...
Is the game over already?

No it's not! You've arrive at... Heaven.

Heaven is the place you visit when you die. No joke. It's the home of the personae of the creators, Victor Shao and Brian Weston, who pass judgment on those who wish to return to earth. It also has a weapon shop, and armor shop, and quite sizable treasuries for anyone who risks it.

There is a wandering merchant who sells the Blue Rose for 500 gold, which is important for beating the game.

Weapon shop[]

Armor shop[]

Judgment (Completed all missions, got Blue Rose)[]

Who are you? Oh, our player!

Hmmmmm... Let's see... <player name>... Ah! Found ya!
Vic says, "what do you think, Brian?"
Brian says, "Hmmmm... dunno... This is a tough one..."
Brian says, "Let's check the computer on his progress."
Vic says, "Sounds good."
Completed first mission
Completed second mission
Completed third mission
Completed fourth mission
Completed fifth mission
Sturdy little fella...
Quite charming
Brian says, "Stop looking at him like that, Vic."
Vic says, "What?!?!?!"
Brian says, "Just joking around."
Got the Blue Rose, OK!
Well, alright, we've made our decision.
You have proven yourself to be worthy.
We'll give you another chance.

Returning to Quilinor...