Vampyr: Talisman of Invocation Wikia

Welcome to the town of Maninox.
Pirates are welcomed.

A town hidden in the jungle and nestled in a small mountain range, Maninox is home to the best shops in the game. It has a pub, and inn, a weapon store, and armor store, a trainer, and a travel agency.

Marsus's ship is docked here. He offers a one-way trip to Calatiki and Vampyr's Castle so you can confront Dalagash. However, he will only take worthy players... who also have 2000 gold burning a hole in their pocket.

Weapon shop[]

Outside of heaven, this is the only shop that stocks all +3 weapons, including the 2H Sword +3.

Farewell on purchase:

Ahhh... the finest weapon ever made!

Armor shop[]

This shop stocks all +3 armor, including Full Plate +3.

Farewell on purchase:

You, my friend, have just bought the best suit of armor in Quilinor!


This trainer specializes in the technical skills:


You can get a ride to Balinar for 30 gold.