Vampyr: Talisman of Invocation Wikia

All quests are obtained by talking to the King in the Castle. The next quest immediately follows completing the current one. You only have one quest at any given time. You can listen to the initial quest text again by talking to the King.

Quest #1

Initial quest text:

I need you to perform a duty for me.

Some of my clerics went to the forest in the northwest
to investigate a gathering of monsters. However, they
never came back. Go seek them. Bring back evidence

of their whereabouts. You will be rewarded.

Talking to the hidden cleric in the forest Ruins:

Hey! You are one of Tevon's people! What...

< While he talked, you noticed a parchment on his desk. >
< With your amazing thieving ability, you quickly snatched it. >

... are you doing here? Well, just tell that ol... Hey! Give that back!

Returning to the King:

Good! You have completed your mission!

The writing on this parchment is coded.

I'll have someone decipher it.

Your reward for completing your mission is:

  • 200 gold pieces.
  • 300 XPs.

Quest #2

Initial quest text:

You mentioned someone named Dalagash. He seems to be
the one who enslaved my clerics. Go find out who he is.