Vampyr: Talisman of Invocation Wikia

After completing the first and second missions***, the King informs you that Myron was invaded by Evil Clerics!

The map has the same layout as Myron, but the NPCs are different:

  • The number of friendly NPCs is paired down, and most of them are hiding.
  • The vault in the weapon shop contains the leader of the invasion: a Vampire!
  • The merchant in the Travel Agency behind the locked door will sell you a ship to Rendyr for 100 gold.

Killing the Vampire and escaping causes the town to return to normal and completes the third mission. While a bunch of the Evil Clerics start out non-aggressive, killing anything on the map will cause them to start hunting you down. This makes your escape slightly trickier.

***: Conditions on Causing the Invasion[]

The game does not look at whether you've gotten the reward from the King for the first and second missions. It only checks whether you've:

  • Talked to the Evil Cleric in the forest ruins to get the scroll
  • Talked to Tulik in Zachul