Vampyr: Talisman of Invocation Wikia

Race is a trait of your Player character chosen on creation. It affects your sprite and probably has an influence on stat rolls. There are four playable races and two hidden ones.


The four playable races are chosen by pressing the first letter of the race when prompted on the character creation screen:

  • Human (Press H)
  • Elf (Press E)
  • Dwarf (Press D)
  • Corintir (Press C)


The only known effects of race are twofold:

  1. During character creation, Elf and Corintir have slight weightings on stat rolls. See Stats#Character Creation for more info
  2. It changes your player sprite in life, in death, and when you beat the game.


There are two hidden races, both called Superior. They use the sprites of the Victor Shao for one and Brian Weston for the other. See Reverse Engineering for more info.