Welcome to Vampyr's Castle
and to your dome!!!! [sic]

Situated on Calatiki, Vampyr's Castle is the final destination of the game. It has 3 floors total.

Ground Floor

Ground floor
The ground floor has several stairs to the first floor and blocked off stairs to the basement. The walls blocking the basement stairs are removed once Dalagash is talked to on the first floor. The blocks will remain removed if you exit the area.

First Floor

First floor
Talking to Dalagash in the upper room will unlock the basement.


The red stuff in the basement is Lava, which will do around 10 damage every tile you step in. Important to note: if you start a battle in lava then when you finish you'll be hurt by the lava again!

Curiously enough, there seems to be an unused jail/dungeon in the lower right corner of the basement. There's a stairs leading up but none leading down. Using Wizard Eye doesn't reveal much.


  • Evil cleric
  • Bat
  • Spider
  • Vampire
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